$KYN Coin

$KYN coin is the utility coin of the Kynno ecosystem. It is mainly used for payments, transaction fees, network security, and governance, among other utilities.

Our network will also burn $KYN as part of our deflationary model. Growing a vibrant and engaged community around Kynno is a key pillar of our philosophy.

Also, to allow you to become part of the ecosystem during our development phase, we have decided to give each one of you the possibility to get a limited amount of $KYN coins.

By participating, you will have a voice within Kynno's ecosystem and get airdrops and rewards for stacking your $KYN coin in our Liquid-Box and thus securely generating passive income.

Specific use-cases for the $KYN Coin:

1) Kynno’s Data Vault Premium Features

Kynno Data Vault has a set of primary and premium features. A minimum amount of 50,000 $KYN token is necessary to unlock premium features such as:

  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • Alerts

  • Token & NFT scoring tools

  • Newsfeed

  • Premium Market Indicators

  • Etc.

2) Network Fees

The $KYN coin is used for network fees, including transaction fees, smart contracts deployment fees, or new network creation fees. On Kynno, gas fees are low but enough to make it too expensive for anyone to carry out a malicious attack to disrupt it.

Securing the network and saving the environment

The leading utility of $KYN is securing the network using a POS consensus. To take part in it, validators need to hold a minimum of $KYN coins, and stakers will need to lock up their $KYN token. As a result, both validators and stakers are compensated with epoch rewards and fees. This mechanism ensures Kynnoi's blockchain decentralization and, contrary to Proof-of-Work consensus, be respectful of our environment.

On-Chain Governance

On-chain governance is critical for developing and adopting any blockchain because Kynno will face evolution and updates. Kynno coin will provide on-chain governance for core decisions regarding the network, where participants can vote on changes affecting the network and validate changes democratically until our new system using Kynno Vault Bounds (KVBs) will be implemented.

Kynno’s NFT Collection

The KYN coin will allow you to buy NFT mystery boxes from each new collection and will be used as a currency in our upcoming NFT marketplace.

Yield Farming

You will also be able to stack your KYN coin to provide liquidity to the network and earn more $KYN coin and Premium rewards. The longer the stacking, the bigger the prize

Kynno Debit Card

The only crypto debit card you will ever need, filled with perks and benefits and soon to be accepted everywhere:

  • Pay in $KYN across hundreds of stores online and offline

  • Get “cashback” rewards while spending your $KYN

  • Access exclusive NFT Sales and Events

  • Track all your $KYN expenses

  • 0.5% of the fees earned per transaction is sent to charity and much more…

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