Kynno's Enterprise-Grade Blockchain

Kynno is a revolutionary layer 1 AI-Powered decentralized, permissionless enterprise-grade blockchain platform built to support and operate secure, compliant, and cutting-edge digital infrastructures.

Kynno aims to become a cornerstone of the blockchain ecosystem. Kynno's main objective is to interface and communicate with other blockchains, ecosystems, and wallets to gather your personal information and assets.

This data is then sent to one centralized dashboard on your Kynno Data Hub to be analyzed, organized, and displayed. By doing so, we are paving the way for cutting-edge functionalities in layer-2 dApps.

Kynno Blockchain allows the development of dApps and the deployment of smart contracts. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, enabling dApps from the rich Ethereum ecosystem to be easily deployed on our Blockchain.

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