The Kynno Foundation

The Kynno Foundation will be created with one core idea in mind: Accelerating decentralized technologies adoption to the masses. The vision of a world where people like you and me are empowered to maintain ownership of their personal data.

The Kynno Foundation's primary focus will be expanding and developing the Kynno ecosystem. We strongly believe that the 1st step toward global adoption of decentralized technologies is through ecosystems created with the capacity to meet the technological needs of companies and individuals alike.

The Kynno network will become a critical blockchain platform to meet those needs.

Key Initiatives

Delegation Programs and Grants

The Kynno Foundation will keep the fund for R&D endeavors led by other teams that bring value to the Kynno ecosystem development.

Education and Advancement

A Kynno school to educate people, companies, and governments and leverage knowledge to push for decentralized technology's mass adoption.


The Kynno Foundation will collaborate with the teams working on key subjects related to blockchain, decentralized technologies, and data privacy, such as:

  • Cryptography

  • Consensus Algorithms

  • Zero Knowledge Proof

  • Optimistic Roll-ups

  • Off-chain data

  • Interchain interoperability

  • On-Chain Privacy and Security

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