Kynno DAO Governance Token

Kynno platform's funds and operations decisions will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

To establish such a practice, we are launching the KDAO token (Kynno DAO) that will not be sold but rather farmed by early holders of $KYN coin. KDAO tokens can be stacked in our liquid box to get voting rights and gain KDAO rewards.

KDAO holders will also have early access to beta-version features, Premium NFT whitelists, VIP events, and more.

With the introduction of KVBs and based on past experience with DAOs vulnerable to Sybil attacks, we are working on a new solution that would leverage KVBs as community badges.

In other words, active community members will receive KVBs to reward the added value they are bridging to the community.

In return, those KVBs will give them more voting rights in the DAO. By doing so, the most active and valuable community members will have more voting rights to influence the future of Kynno and its community.

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