Kynno’s Zero Knowledge Proof


While our blockchain will bring you great advantages such as decentralization, security, immutability, and transparency it would be left behind in terms of privacy regarding personal data.

Also, we have decided to combine zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) protocols with our blockchain technology to provide you with a potent mix of security, immutability, and privacy.

You will be in complete control over your data at any time.

Blockchain + ZKPs = Efficiency & Privacy

Storing personal data decentralized while guaranteeing its security is made possible by combining Kynno's disruptive blockchain technology and Zero-Knowledge Proof Protocols.

Our network processes data and transactions, runs applications, operates as a repository, and serves as the regulating point of entry into Kynno's data ecosystem.

The Zero Knowledge Proof is an encryption scheme in which one party (Prover) can prove that a piece of specific information is true to another party (Verifier) without revealing any irrelevant information.

Our ZKPs protocol empowers you to preserve your confidentiality whilst conducting private and secure transactions on Kynno's blockchain and others.

Security through Computational Intelligence

Your data privacy & security is one of our top priorities at Kynno; therefore, we have spent countless R&D hours with experts in Data science, Cyber security, Blockchain, and AI, researching and designing the most secure and efficient system.

Our data security & privacy relies on a disruptive approach, "Blockchain Intelligence," combining AI and blockchain technologies to:

  • Help detect nefarious actors' attacks much faster and even anticipate them

  • Assist users in setting the right level of security while sharing their data with other actors

  • Improve identity masking and metadata while providing cleaner and more accurate data

A key AI element implemented in Kynno is Computational Intelligence (CI), improving our Blockchain's resilience to attacks by taking advantage of its soft computing methods. CI enables the system to quickly adapt to a range of changing variables, making it able to build and adopt a suitable counter-attack strategy against any threat in no time.

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